system for electronic document workflow with e-signature

Hatiroo® streamlines the processes of reviewing, approving, collecting signatures and archiving. The system helps prepare documents based on company templates and automatically completes contractor data.
You can use Hatiroo® directly through your web browser. You'll log into the system just like you log into your email, and your confidential company data will be fully secure.
Electronic document workflow organizes work

What is a document workflow?

The functioning of any company is based on processes. Document circulation is the process that defines the flow of documents in a company. It can take place traditionally or electronically.

The purpose of circulations can be to verify, approve, collect signatures and archive the document.

What does it look like in practice?

Examples of document workflows in companies and the possibilities offered by Hatiroo®


Contract processing often involves several departments from your company and a contractor. Contract circulation usually includes reviewing and negotiating, as well as signing and archiving signed documents.

Employee e-File

Processes for handling employee records, such as contracts or billing. The e-File can deal with the handling of employment, commission, work and B2B contracts and is maintained in accordance with the laws in Poland.


A place to store electronic documents - not only scans, but also documents with electronic signatures. A good e-Archive should be available online and allow convenient document retrieval.


Processes incoming and outgoing correspondence. They allow you to identify the letter and assign it to the right person or department in your company.

4 key aspects of the Hatiroo®

Remote teamwork

Hatiroo® provides collaboration tools (integrated with your Office 365), automates repetitive tasks (e.g., reminders), and controls the process and prompts the next steps to complete.

Each person can work at their own convenience. With Hatiroo®, there is no need to install additional software, just a web browser.

Electronic signature

Hatiroo® integrates with the world's most trusted electronic signature platforms - Autenti® and DocuSign®. You can also use your qualified certificate within the system.

You can sign documents from anywhere and from any device with internet access - via a mobile app or a web browser.

Electronic archive

We create a secure archive of documents on your company's servers and in the company's Office 365 cloud. Only company employees have access to the system (the level of authorization can be adjusted to the position).

You can conveniently search for archived documents by typing relevant phrases into the search engine - without endless browsing through binders and rummaging through cabinets. The system will also send you notifications about expiring contracts.

Document templates

You can create and enter your document templates into the system to streamline and speed up your daily work. Hatiroo® also automatically downloads contractor data from government databases.

This is an improvement that can shorten contract preparation by as much as 60%!

Hatiroo® is the choice of leaders from many industries

The feedback from our customers gives an unambiguous message - Hatiroo® is a system that makes corporate processes run like a well-oiled machine.

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Quick collection of signatures
You will collect e-signatures on contracts up to 82% faster than if you signed them on paper.
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The data is stored on the company's servers - you do not entrust it to anyone outside.
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Effective coordination of processes
With the Hatiroo system you will spend up to 66 h less on processing one contract.
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You interact with the system through a browser - just as if you were logging into the company's mailbox.
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Efficient teamwork
The team works on one version of the document, and the system reminds them of the order of tasks.

Why choose Hatiroo®?

Hatiroo® is a universal system with intuitive operation. Implementation of employees does not require hours of training.

It's a teamwork tool, thanks to which profits in the company will begin to increase and the intensity of conflicts, tensions and misunderstandings between team members - to decrease.

Plan document workflows with us

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