Hatiroo® Pricing

monthly subscription license packages
  • Subscription contract based on a fixed monthly fee
  • Technical support on a subscription basis through a support portal
  • Full version of the system with no user limit

Miesięczny abonament i pełna elastyczność

We offer monthly subscriptions, with no long-term commitments. Customers work with us for many years because they see real value in it, not because a contract sticks.

You can test our system without any risk.

Arrange a demo presentation

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Implementation of Hatiroo®

One time after signing the contract
  • Installation on your servers or your Azure
  • Connection to your Office 365 (SharePoint Online)
  • Connection to your Autenti® or DocuSign® electronic signature
  • Configuration of 2 key workflow processes
  • Train administrators on process changes
  • Training users on how to work with the system on a daily basis
355 € netto jednorazowo

Frequently asked questions about implementation and subscription

What is the process?
A process is a specific type of document, such as business contracts or orders. An electronic document workflow system organizes such processes. Process configuration in the Hatiroo® system allows you to streamline and standardize the work of individuals in the subsequent steps of working on a document. Each process is usually configured once for the entire company and thus enforces a certain way of doing things. Of course, if your company's work standards change, you can make changes to any process at any time.
How can I test the system? Is there a DEMO?
Hatiroo® to system, który wymaga współpracy wielu osób. W klasycznym DEMO otrzymasz dostęp dla 1 osoby i nie będziesz mieć możliwości sprawdzenia jak zachowa się system przy opiniowaniu, akceptacji lub zbieraniu podpisów. Dlatego przygotowaliśmy usługę Warsztatu próbnego, której jednym z kluczowych aspektów będą testy Waszych 2 prawdziwych procesów obiegów dokumentów. Ponadto przetestujecie podpisy elektroniczne Autenti® i DocuSign®. Takie testy dostępne będą przez 2 tygodnie dla 10 osób i poprzedzone szkoleniem użytkowników.
How long does it take and what does the entire Hatiroo® implementation process look like?
Implementation of the Hatiroo® system usually takes about 4 weeks. At express pace, we can reduce this time to 2 weeks. We have divided our implementation process into stages: Short phone call (15-20 min) System presentation and needs analysis (60-90 min) Trial workshop (2 weeks) Production implementation (1 week)
We don't have our own servers, what then?
This is not a problem. We are prepared for such an eventuality. If you use Office 365 or have email in the Microsoft cloud, adding a new server in the Azure cloud is not a problem. We can add billing for the servers to your subscription, or you can pay on your own (for example, through the partner from whom you have Office 365).
We don't have Autenti® or DocuSign® electronic signatures, what then?
We are prepared for this eventuality as well. We will help you with the selection of the right license, types of electronic signatures and with the configuration of these systems. We can settle the licenses as part of a subscription, separate orders, or you can order them on your own.

Plan document workflows with us

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