Hatiroo® is a system for electronic document workflow

Hatiroo® streamlines the processes of reviewing, approving, negotiating and collecting signatures. It's a tool that will become one central resource for company documents - with a convenient searchable electronic archive, a simple browser-based login system and full process automation.

How does the Hatiroo® system streamline company processes?

Electronic and handwritten signatures

Freely decide which type of signature best suits your current needs

With Hatiroo® you can use the most trusted electronic signatures: Autenti®, DocuSign®, qualified signatures and... handwritten signatures. You can change the type of signature at any time when processing a document - even from an electronic signature to the classic one, on paper.

Negotiating with contractors

Finalize contacts even faster with smoother and faster contract negotiations

Hatiroo® allows you to negotiate with contractors on edited versions of Word and Excel documents. It automatically turns on change tracking mode and blocks others from turning it off. No more waiting months for a counterparty to enter comments on the content of a contract that is stuck somewhere in a stack of documents.

Opinion and approval

Work more efficiently as a team and process contracts faster by working concurrently and automating processes

Hatiroo® allows you to define the process and determine the order of approval and opinion by individuals or departments. The system takes over the role of coordinator. You no longer have to send attachments in emails, manually merge changes and remind other people of tasks. The system also shows who approved or rejected a document, when and in what version.

Ready-made integrations

Take advantage of the system's capabilities 100% and increase the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of your work

Hatiroo® is fully integrated with:

  • Microsoft® 365 (SharePoint, OneDrive, Word, Excel)
  • Autenti® - all types of electronic signatures
  • DocuSign® - all types of electronic signatures
  • Government databases - CSO, VIES, VAT white list, NBP
  • Active Directory - management of user accounts


Search for documents in an electronic archive accessible through a browser

With Hatiroo®, you can access all your documents through a browser, from anywhere, at any time. You can easily search for documents with just a few clicks instead of flipping through the abyssal and dusty binders of papers. All documents are automatically backed up on the company's servers. Hatiroo® becomes one central source of truth, and employees always know where to look for contracts when they need them.

Document templates

Don't waste time creating documents from scratch and use ready-made templates

Hatiroo® allows you to generate contracts from templates, making the process of preparing documents orderly, fast and automated. Using ready-made templates is easy and intuitive, and eliminates errors resulting from reworking old contracts. Employees don't have to search through disks and email inboxes for archived documents and waste time adapting the contract to a new contractor.

How much does it cost?

What documents can you process with Hatiroo®?


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Trade agreements
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Commercial offers
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HR contracts
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Employee e-File
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Purchase agreements
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Investment documentation
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Managing RODO
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Outgoing correspondence
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Incoming correspondence
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Power of attorney
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Employee requests
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