What is a document workflow?

Workflow is the way documents circulate through a company. It can be traditional (paper-based), electronic or hybrid (a combination of both). Document circulation consists of processes, or work standards. Each process is divided into procedural steps and defines what each person is responsible for.

The circulation of documents consists of processes

Why implement an electronic workflow system?

An electronic workflow will give you control over processes, standards and document templates. EOD will reduce paper consumption, improve collaboration in a team working remotely and enable a searchable electronic archive.

Electronic archive
  • Facilitated document search
  • Ability to define access for departments or positions
  • No need for physical document storage - everything is available electronically
  • Electronic signature
  • Submit signatures anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce the time to collect signatures to a few minutes
  • No need to initial page by page
  • Remote work
  • Access documents from anywhere in the world and at any time time
  • Asynchronous teamwork even from different time zones
  • Replace emailing attachments with cloud file sharing
  • Work automation
  • Automatic distribution for approval or signature collection to multiple people in a specific order
  • Reminders of contract expiration
  • Escalations for task completion or signatures
  • Work control
  • Information on the status of individual documents
  • Monitoring of task completion time
  • Ensuring a certain way and standard of work
  • Will an electronic workflow work for your company?

    The main task of electronic workflow is to control the flow of documents between multiple departments. The electronic workflow system replaces e-mails and attachments, automates individual tasks and reminds of deadlines.

    What is needed for electronic document processing?

    The implementation of an electronic workflow includes 3 key elements
    Document management system with workflows

    A comprehensive document workflow solution that will help manage the entire document lifecycle from creation, through approval and signature collection, to archiving.

    • Automation of processes, archives and notifications.
    • Control of opinion, approval and negotiation stages.
    • Generation of documents from templates and automatic completion of data.
    Electronic signature

    A tool for collecting signatures electronically, which is intended to reduce contracting time.

    • Autenti® or DocuSign® platform for customer contracts.
    • Qualified electronic signature for contracts with employees or those requiring a written form.
    • Automation of the signature collection process.
    Document archive

    A place where your documents will be available to all employees and which you can use regardless of employee turnover.

    • Company document drive.
    • A central place in the company.
    • Teamwork

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